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What to Expect



You may be asked if this is your first time at The Worship Center.
We want to thank you for coming, and our Pastor would like the opportunity to meet you personally. Filling out one of our guest cards will help us!   
First time guest will who return a guest card will receive a free waffle from the Lighthouse Cafe!

audience members


Our services start right on time! 
There is something for everyone! If you need help finding a seat or children's ministry areas, feel free to ask!
After the preaching there will be an opportunity for prayer. Do not feel pressured to come forward. You can respond right at your seat.  

Live Concert


It is our sincere hope that our services are always full of life.  
Life is not found in the trends of the culture or in the traditions of the past.   
Life is found in Jesus.
Therefore our focus is Jesus. Our desire is to lift Him up in all we do.  We are interested in life, and abundant life at that. 



We know that your children are important to you.  We want you to know that they are important to us as well.  
All of our nursery workers must be well acquainted with our church family.  
We strive to provide a fun and safe environment for your children, so that they are able to enjoy their time in the nursery up to junior while you focus on the services. 


What to Wear

There is no dress code at The Worship Center.  
Our desire is for you to focus more on what is taking place on the inside than on what you are wearing.

Let us be a friend to you.

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