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We are dedicated to our missionaries!

Every dollar counts and Pastor Ralph has the entire church involved in expanding the kingdom through missions.

Whether we join for a missions trip, lift our missionaries up in prayer, or bless them with monthly stability, we pledge to intercede for those who are obedient to Jesus' commands to "Go and Make Disciples" 

Lighthouse Cafe

Buy a waffle, coffee, or water from the LightHouse Cafe and support a missionary!   100% of the proceeds go directly to our missions fund!  We are located in the Church Foyer.

Open Sundays



Nicky & Janie Rider- Mexico

Nathan & Yuka Williams-Japan

Norman & Cheryl Knoodle

The Collins

Lonnie & Rhonda DiSalvo-India

Alvin & Lacy Leota - Israel

Pastor Louis- India

Leopoldo- Guatemala

Sam & Janey Stewart- Guatemala, Honduras, Africa, India, El Salvador

Our Missionaries

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